Glazed Looking Glass, Into A Window of Looking Past

have broken you
brought you in
that Saturday
a night
with August chill
and stardust started
water on the spinning wheel
and we
have broken
your heart
Did we bring you along
only to set you in front
of the grindstone?
No, we thought
we could simply
love you and enough
would be the grasp,
that bubbles reflect
the light coming
in through the exhausted
that we could resist
the dissipating days

did as well as
we could
as good
as we would say
with the fork
and you resisted
and changed hands
and it was good,
you got the fork
did what you should
and we
have broken your heart

You held up your hands
and wrapped your arms
as we asked,
you held the ball
and moved to the left
you did everything
and we
changed directions
let you play
with remote controls
and then suddenly
there was no television anymore

We have broken your heart
we have taken your smile
and replaced it with a long
thoughtful glaze.
We have set you
on the road to
discipline and madness.
Save your rainbows, push
the callous fingertips
through the knitting
and speak with your own
angels, bring your smile
back from that distant
place the back
of your eyes have retreated
into, bring your mind back.
I can not bear the thought
of bare art, of admitting our divorce
of admitting my part, my part was it,
it watching your heart break
across the kitchen table,
my dear son, falling
as if the Fall now is,
falling apart.