Game 21, Salt Lake Bees at Seattle

Well, these things keep taking longer and longer so I am going to just post the next two or three series in full order without the transcriptions of the dailies. I will still scan all the stories and the box scores, and maybe highlight something here and there, and maybe do a few other things to make this run on a little further.

For the 21st game of the season, the Indians welcomed the Salt Lake City Bees to Seattle. The Bees had opened quite the can of Bonneville Park whoop-ass on the Indians. Now, we get to see if the Indians can take advantage of their own home field. As luck would have it, the rain gods were not in Seattle's favor, as they lost 2 to 0 in a rain-out.

As usual, the scribes of sportswriting's golden era had fun with this one, making up a nice little story to go with the rain out.
Seattle's Starting Lineup:
Billy Lane, Center Field
Cliff Brady, Second Base
Sam Crane, Shortstop
Brick Eldred, Right Field
Elmer Bowman, First Base
Ray Rohwer, Left Field
Ted Baldwin, Third Base
Earl Baldwin, Catcher
Wheezer Dell, Pitcher

George Steuland came into the game in the fifth to run for Wheezer Dell. Dell was replaced on the mound by Vean Gregg. George Cutshaw then batted for Gregg, and Jimmy Welsh batted for Earl Baldwin. Then the rain was just too much. Read the Salt Lake part of the box score, some pretty legendary names there.