Game 2, April 9, 1924

The Indians continued the opening series of 1924 against the Los Angeles Angels on Wednesday, April 9. The Tuesday start was typical of a Pacific Coast League schedule at that time. Teams would generally play a series starting on Tuesday, playing through Sunday to conclude with a double header to finish a 7-game road trip. The work week for a ball club ended or started, depending on your point of view, with either a day off or a travel day on a Monday.
In game 2, the Angels manager Marty Krug slapped out a couple of hits, 2 of 2050 he hit in a 16-year minor league career. He had two stints in the majors as well, a cup of coffee with the 1912 Boston Red Sox (where he played in a brand new Fenway Park, which opened that year on Adolph Hitler's 23rd birthday, just five days after the Titanic sank) and most of the 1922 season with the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs were managed at that time by Bill Killefer, brother of Seattle Indians manager Wade Killefer. Krug, one of 27 major league players to have been born in Germany (nearly all played before 1920), got his start at the age of 20 in the Class D Blue Grass League with the 1909 Richmond Pioneers. Reported in the April 10 edition of the Seattle Daily Times Sports Section, Robert W. Boyce, Editor.